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​Clarity Pregnancy Options is a non-profit organization that offers support for those facing an unexpected pregnancy by providing free pregnancy tests; exploring all options, including abortion, adoption, and parenting; and providing ongoing care to each individual who needs support.

We believe resources & accurate information can empower you to make
informed & confident decisions. This is done by assessing your individual needs and making referrals to local community supports that are not otherwise offered in-house. Clarity offers a wide range of ongoing services for unexpected pregnancies and loss & past traumas. Reach out today to see how we can help you. ​

Clarity Pregnancy Options is a non-profit faith-based organization.
Clarity is not a medical facility and does not provide or refer for abortions. Clarity is committed to providing accurate information on available, legal abortion procedures, determined by individual health history. Clarity exists to help you weigh out your options according to your unique situation and stated desires. We are committed to caring for all clients, regardless of out come. 

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