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Baby Shower

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Every month, with the help of churches around Niagara, we shower our client moms with gifts and prayers. Find out below, how you can get involved in blessing these moms.

Get Involved!

& become a CHURCH REP!

Church Reps have a desire to support women with unexpected pregnancies by hosting a baby shower at their church once a year for 1-2 clients.

Responsibilities include: 

  • Confirms that church leadership is on board with hosting baby showers once a year for 1-2 clients 

  • Gathers a host committee from their church of 2-3 people

  • Plans a Shower with Host committee members that includes a time of gift opening, light snacks and beverages and prayer over the new mom

  • make sure church members are invited to the upcoming baby shower & how to purchase items from the registry clarity provides. 
    *note that Clarity will provide a baby registry and promotional materials (church slide, pdf for poster, etc)

Interested but still need more information - Contact Us

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Baby Showers-logo (6).png
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